Google Desktop Sidebar: Timer Plug-in

The Timer plug-in is a simple countdown timer and alarm for the Google Desktop Sidebar (GDS). The creation of the Laundry Timer begged for the creation of a general timer. The fact that someone actually asked for a general timer made me decide that I should go ahead and create one sooner rather than later. This was relatively simple to do since it builds on the Laundry Timer, but it took a couple of days longer than expected since generalization is always tricky stuff. That plus the fact that I kept adding features.

I considered adding a Continuous option for the interval timer, but I wasn't sure how useful this really was. If you're interested in having this feature and have a clear idea of how you'd like it to work, contact me (via PayPal :).

Where it is now:

Version: v2.1 // 2006.03.15
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Implemented v2.1:

Implemented v2:

Implemented v1:

Issues that have come up more than once:

GDS Scripting API Head Scratchers plus others:

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