Google Desktop Sidebar: SyncPad Plug-in

The SyncPad plug-in is a simple, synchronized scratch pad for the Google Desktop Sidebar (GDS). SyncPad can be used to keep track of notes and "to do"/task lists on multiple computers. Besides GDS, you need GoogleTalk, and a friend who is willing to be a host and has GDS, GoogleTalk, and this plug-in.

Read the instructions! SyncPad takes a simple approach to synchronization and you should have a general idea of how the system works in order to use it without trouble. As a client, realize that it is possible for your designated host to modify their version of the plug-in so that they can read your notes. Don't use this to keep secrets. As a host, realize that any of your GoogleTalk friends can use you as a host. If you have a lot of friends, and they all use you as their SyncPad host, you may see some performance degredation. This isn't really likely, but I haven't done any scalability tests so you should be aware of this theoretical possibility.

Where it is now:

Version: v1 // 2006.04.08
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Implemented v1:

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