Google Desktop Sidebar: International Clock Plug-in

What time is it? It's 4:30. The International Clock plug-in is a simple time keeping plug-in for the Google Desktop Sidebar (GDS). It does what you'd think it'd do. Except for alarms. I just don't feel like bothering to implement that feature until a clutter-free design for it comes to me. Why no time-zone drop down? They're pointless by design. Chances are, your city's not in the list so you have to know how the timezone thing works anyway. How will you figure out the timezone offset you're interested in? The information is there in your Windows clock options or via a quick Google search.

I had planned to make this a while back, but got sidetracked. Then I heard of a plug-in of a similar nature and thought that there was no need for my solution to the problem of keeping track of time all over the world (especially for people who have conference calls in the UK or India). I never actually got around to installing and trying out that plug-in because the website stopped me in my tracks after tricking me into going to another website I had no intention of visiting -- disgusting. I'm all for making a buck, but I think it should be done in a straighforward and open manner. From what I've read of the other, it also suffers from a poorly thought out interface design. Bleh, always have to do things yourself.

Where it is now:

Version: v1.1 // 2006.03.15
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Implemented v1.1:

Implemented v1:


Examples: hh:mm ZZ MMM. DD, YYYY > 6:35 PM Mar. 09, 2006 HH:mm DDDD MMMM DD, YYYY > 18:35 Thursday March 09, 2006

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