Google Desktop Sidebar: Green Light Plug-in

The Green Light plug-in is a simple file existence tester for the Google Desktop Sidebar (GDS). If a designated file exists, the plug-in shows a green light. If not, it shows a red light. Pretty simple. An pop-up and sound plays when the existence of the file changes state.

You might be wondering, "What the?" This plug-in came from a request on a forum and the application in that case for for a developer to be able to check the status of a build via the Google Desktop Sidebar. As a part of his build script, he was planning to create or destroy a status file. You could use the same technique for almost any application. Check the status of a download, stock market conditions, etc.

Note: this plug-in will now check that a website or a webpage is available. Instead of entering a filename, enter the URL you wish to check including the "http://"

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Version: v1.2 // 2006.04.20
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