A lot of the applications I want to write need a calendar component. So I decided to write a custom Swing component that I could use in all my future applications. JTable was useful as a starting point. If JTable had just a few extra features (especially row headers), it could have been used in place of creating my own. Then again, I liked seeing what it took to make a custom Swing component. As a bonus, when it's time to optimize it, I'm only a short step to making it faster (in my experience, building custom Swing components solely by compositing standard Swing components gets slow, fast).

Where it is now:

Version: v0.01b // 2003.12.15

Next things to implement: Implemented:

Here's a screenshot of the component as of 2003.12.15 (click for larger image). The text ("start", "end 1 of 2", etc.) represents calendar model items (i.e. events marked down on the calendar).

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